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Jack Lannom

Changing company cultures and changing lives

Jack Lannom is an author, business expert, and global thought leader who shares over four decades of leadership experience with internationally respected organizations. His ability to dramatically change the management landscapes of organizations across the globe has made him one of the most trusted and revered change agents in the industry.

Jack’s mission to create highly engaged company cultures has given him the opportunity to work with global industry leaders in reducing costs, reigniting employees, and creating cultures that produce unprecedented profits. Jack’s unwavering passion has consistently brought global companies to the summit of success. He has truly mastered transforming an organization’s most valuable asset… the people.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership Kryptonite
  • The Economics of Putting People First
  • The Economics of Humility in the Workplace
  • People First Leadership Program
  • Executive Coaching

Companies We’ve Impacted


When I came upon the People First process it really gave us a new language to speak around MiTek… it gave everyone insight on the right leadership style, starting with me.

Tom Manenti

Chairman, MiTek, a Berkshire Hathaway Company

Jack was the keynote speaker for our annual customer event … Our group had already experienced a wide variety of speakers in both the general sessions and break-outs, our people were tired and not very excited to hear one more speaker. That changed the moment Jack hit the stage! He immediately engaged everyone in the audience, captured their attention and kept them on the edge of their seats! He did an outstanding job with both his presentation and getting people involved. I highly recommend Jack.

Diane Kaufman

Director of Intermediary, Sales Strategy, Marriott International


Jack Lannom and CEO Tom Maneti Talk About the Health of a Culture

Jack Lannom Delivers Presentation to John Manville

CEO Tom Maneti Speaks About Beginning with People First

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Bridge to Organizational Success

Jack Lannom Delivers Powerful Message to Mitek, Int

City Furniture CEO Event

Speaking Topics

Leadership Kryptonite

Research proves that the discipline of emotional intelligence is one of the greatest challenges an organization faces when addressing gaps in their leadership development. Discover the emotional maturity of your team, the relationship between choice and responsibility, and determine if you are building up your brand or breaking it down with your leadership techniques.

The Economics of Putting People First

The empirical data is inarguable and proves the People First philosophy that employee happiness, customer satisfaction, and bottom-line profitability are directly related. Join Jack as he applies his People First methods in companies all over the world. You will discover real examples of the profitability of putting People First, and the consequences if you don’t.

The Economics of Humility in the Workplace

The number one killer of organizational profitability is hubristic leadership. Jack will demonstrate different leadership styles and how they affect positive results in your organization. Discover the emotional and financial benefits of humility in the workplace, and obtain the necessary tools to implement these values within your own life and organization.


People First

People First
The Cure for “Business as Usual”

PEOPLE FIRST – ACHIEVING BALANCE IN AN UNBALANCED WORLD gives massive illumination for every person who truly wants to make a difference in people’s lives. It is a transformational 5-step philosophy told in a story format that will equip you with little known secrets for achieving balance in an unbalanced world.

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