At least 60% of the of people I have coached, live according to someone else’s agenda and not their own.  They are not happy. They act according to someone else’s expectations – their boss, their parent, their spouse, their friends, etc.

It often reminded me of the movie “Coming to America” with Eddie Murphy as the Prince of Zamunda.  He meets his future bride who has been groomed her entire life to serve him.

He asked her what her favorite food is and she responds with “whatever you like,” he asks her if she has a favorite type of music and she says “yes” so he asks her what it is and she responds with “whatever you like.”  An entertaining and extreme case of not having her own agenda.

When my kids were young, my Dad told me to be prepared that they will not always do what I want, they will have a mind of their own. And he was right.  They do share the same values of how to treat others. They are all different with their own unique talents, passions and perspectives.

Unfortunately, over the years many people have been taught to follow authority and not always encouraged to think for themselves. Today, the younger generations clearly have their own agenda and they actively pursue it.

For those who feel there is more to life, then maybe it is time to carve your own path.

What is your agenda? How do you figure it out?

1.) Determine your ‘Why’

  • Your ‘why’ is your purpose – built on your beliefs
  • It starts by recalling the experiences that have shaped you
  • What are the major life events that stand out for you?
  • What did they teach you?
  • What type of impact did they have on you?
  • What is the common theme?

Because of my life’s experiences and having to overcome self-worth issues, my why is to help others expedite their own journey of personal transformation and know that they matter.

2) Acknowledge your Passions

  • What do you enjoy that gets you up in the morning and keeps you up late at night?
  • What makes your face light up?
  • What are the recurring thoughts of what you really want to do?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • If you had no restrictions, what would you do with your time?
  • How are your passions linked to your why?

All my passions are related to personal transformation and connected relationships.

My ‘why‘ helps me to understand the root of those passions.

3) Act on your Why

  • Find ways to live your purpose
  • No one can compete with or deny your unique experiences
  • Look for jobs that value the message that you have to offer
  • Look for other opportunities to share your message with others
  • Create a plan for yourself

When you are living your life your way (your purpose, your why, your passions), it is natural to you and it becomes effortless.

I live my ‘why’ in everything I do – personally and professionally. I love the work I do and it doesn’t feel like work – ever.

Stay tuned – my upcoming group coaching sessions in the fall will take you through this – creating your personal foundation and a roadmap to bring your ‘why’ to life.

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-Sandra Leigh

Sandra Leigh combines her passion for helping people realize their full potential with her proven ability to guide them on a–path to unprecedented personal success. Her ability to guide others to uncover their barriers to reaching their potential is a critical part of her clients’ transformation for  themselves and their relationships.