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Concierge Services

How Does It All Work

We want to connect you with a speaker that will make your event meaningful and extraordinary. In order to do that, we strategize with you in four key areas:

Audience Demographic

Discovering Company Culture

Key Message

Identifying Change Behaviors

Budget Requirements

Optimizing Your Core Message

Event Location

Designing Attendee Experience

Our comprehensive discovery process gives us the opportunity to understand the details of your companies needs for this event as well as your ongoing training and educational requirements.

Our team conducts extensive research to match the right thought leaders to your objectives.

You will get a chance to discuss your goals and expectations with the speaker as direct communication is encouraged in every aspect of our business. We will also collaborate with you to develop marketing concepts to engage your attendees and help promote your message pre and post event.

Our commitment is to help you optimize your company message to achieve actionable results for a transformative experience. Our portfolio of dynamic speakers offers engaging solutions for achieving your goals.

“It was great to see Yolanda invest her personal time in making certain that my event was well-prepared, high-energy, and flawless. I give her my 5-Star Backstage Pass Award!”

Jeffrey Gitomer

Best Selling Author & Speaker

Our Approach

How We Ensure Your Satisfaction

We Are Connected

The Keynote Group has the relationships and resources to bring you the right speaker for development training, consulting, or support for your organization. We are experts in connecting the perfect thought leader to your needs.

We Are Strategic

We believe in immersing ourselves in the needs of your company to promote success for many years to come. Form the creation, execution and marketing ideas to selecting the perfect thought leader for your event, The Keynote Group is here to offer our expert support.

We Are Connected
We Are Connected

We Are Purposeful

We have discovered through twenty years of industry leadership that aligning our purpose with your vision is the most effective way to achieving lasting success. Every decision we make with you is to promote the advancement of your purpose with your team. The Keynote Group provides unparalleled service in handling the details so you do not have to.

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